High volume Bluetooth speaker home subwoofer stereo bass 3D surround high sound quality

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Product name: EWA/ sound for love W1
Brand: EWA/ Sound for love
Model: W1
Function: Insert card for bass stereo
Color: Gold and silver
Rated power: 10W package
Type: Official standard production
Material: Metal connection
Mode: Bluetooth connection
Applicable people: General
Speaker unit: Double speaker

Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 65 cm




100 reviews for High volume Bluetooth speaker home subwoofer stereo bass 3D surround high sound quality

  1. L***o


  2. 5***r


  3. G***g

    Complies with the ad, 100%, recommend seller

  4. M***s

    The product is good but I will leave this valuation because I am very upset with the delivery service in my city, the person is super rude, is but improve your shipping services,

  5. A***e

    Don't buy this salesman because he's a con man, sent me a speaker that doesn't work, I contact him and he tells me I sent him videos showing him it doesn't work, after sending him goes rios videos showing him that efecti goes mind doesn't work tells me he's sending me another new one for 2.55 € of cost to me, After accepting it, you send me a link that doesn't work. I open dispute and Aliexpress washes hands with which I lose my money and I get a useless item, the first time I 've been cheated after 5 years buying On aliexpress hundreds of items so don't buy from this seller because he's a con man, I repeat don't buy from this seller just read the pile of negative opinions this one has Article

  6. B***r

    Great product! I like it! Thanks for very fast shiping.
    no remarkno remark

  7. V***h

    Before Rostov-on-Don in a week came. It's very unfortunate that there is a paid delivery, and so with a coupon there was 800 rubles + delivery. The column at its price pulls, loud enough. I advise the column, but the seller is not very loyal.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  8. 9***r

    It's great.

  9. K***k


  10. H***h

    Very good speaker I love it

  11. H***o


  12. G***k

    Loud clear sound.
    Good autonomy
    Looks better than in the picture.
    Days passed 5
    no remarkno remark

  13. M***g

    Very bright and beautiful sound, was immediately upon arrival to use * * * * *

  14. F***r

    Great product.
    Shipping and fast delivery.

  15. A***v

    The sound quality is excellent, the battery holds for a long time

  16. M***r


  17. I***o

    In Stavropol 4 days, from Russia paid delivery. Nice column. Plays loudly and even hear bass. No wheezing, playing loud. We listen not loudly at work, two working days work boldly. Took a cover to her. Recommend.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  18. M***m

    bad speaker… has a constant beep when playing something and at higher volume the woofer is resonating and the music sounds like there is something blown.

  19. C***r

    Happy, as in the description. Recommended

  20. D***z

    suena bien pero no deja de emitir pitidos y luces que no sirven para nada más que para molestar

  21. C***t

    The speaker doesn't work properly, it sounds distorted.

  22. J***n

    Poor sound quality

  23. I***w

    For this money is more than decent

  24. N***s

    Works very well. Thank you

  25. L***s

    Order day 18 and received day 20

  26. M***z

    Fast shipping. Very good sound. Quality price. Exceptional

  27. M***n

    The build quality is very poor and the sound turns bad at 50% volume.
    no remarkno remark

  28. M***m

    The ignition button is locked and cannot be used, pressed and turned off.

  29. M***o

    Top recommend
    no remark

  30. M***v

    Great thing. It works, I like it. Shipping is super fast. Recommend!
    no remarkno remark

  31. F***a

    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  32. M***r

    Item recived in 20 days from order. Product not damaged, very satisfied with quality, didnt try it yet.

  33. M***A

    Sounds great.
    no remarkno remark

  34. S***v

    Quality is very good. For the size and price. One charge work lasts long enough. More than 8 hours. There is no AUX input.

  35. M***j

    It's a very good horn for the selling price you handle, the sound is high average quality I recommend to the seller

  36. F***a


  37. A***a

    All perfect, good product quality Price, fast shipping to Canary Islands, reliable seller, I recommend, I will shortly comment on the operation and performance of the device.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  38. R***z

    Good for the price

  39. J***z

    para el precio que tiene, se oye genial, lo recomiendo . envio muy rapido tardó dos dias
    no remarkno remark

  40. R***r

    Very decent sound for such a baby. Moderate basses are quite present. Adjusted the equalizer, the sound is super. I bought to listen to audio books, but it turned out and for music is excellent. Now pink floit is listening to the diva I'm giving. skonektyn excellent: turned on the column, opened the Bluetooth-ok and that's it.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  41. A***.

    It looks beautiful and seems quite well built. It was well packaged and arrived quickly. The sound is clear up to half volume and quickly degrades aftewards. The letdown is the bass, or the lack of it, to be more precise. Overall, not a bad speaker.

  42. V***s

    It's okay for now. Sorry there is no flash input.

  43. G***s

    9 days from Belgium to Lithuania. I liked the column.

  44. A***Z

    Sounds great.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  45. I***o


  46. G***z

    It has very good volume, but it lacks low does not reach the other versions, how the A106, A115, D560, all those I have and they don't get low but if it sounds loud and clear, if it's worth the precious

  47. N***e

    Seems very good for the money. Looks a bit bigger in the picture but it's very loud for its size.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  48. D***s

    Very fast shipping with DHL, accurate description, nice build and goid sound.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  49. C***a

    Excellent speaker. Sounds great, thanks

  50. D***t

    As for this price quality bomb

  51. A***s

    It is very hot in Spain and when the music is heated it cuts seconds and resumes.. So all the time when you raise the sound above half. You need a bigger heat sink on the amplifier chip in warmer countries like mine Spain.

  52. P***n

    He arrived two days after the deadline. And it doesn't work.
    Return is not free. Which means you throw the money away.

  53. J***z


  54. F***r

    Good sound, but has a small background noise.

  55. K***y

    I consider it a great idea to set up your consignment warehouses in Europe. The goods arrived in 8 days, which is excellent and are subject to European customs agreements.
    Many Thanks K.K.

  56. T***z

    This is the third time I buy and very satisfied with the product, delivery in less than 15 days I recommend the seller, very attentive
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  57. R***a

    So far it works well I hope it is always and by the way the shipment was fast

  58. J***o

    very good

  59. E***r

    All right only you can't register the product for the warranty

  60. S***a

    5 stars

  61. B***a

    Fast Delivery Thank you to the seller very good product
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  62. C***o

    Good communication with seller, speaker a spectacular sound quality, I recommend

  63. A***z

    Excellent double speaker but they don't sound especially loud. That's right, they sound scary. Sound quality and volume are more than acceptable and more by 12 ‐ 13 €. I advise you. But keep in mind that they are not for a party a nightclub or a beach. The sound will be insufficient. That's what other kind of speakers are for. This is more like listening to music at home for personal use.
    no remark

  64. F***a

    envio muy rápido y altavoz estupendo

  65. M***E

    Sounds great and the battery lasts a long time
    no remark

  66. A***s

    Top quality ! Loud and nice !
    no remark

  67. M***s

    Rašau lietuviam Taigi .. Garso kokybė Gera, aukštų dažnių trūkumas, korpusas aliuminis, baterija laiko ilgai, kraunasi greitai, prie daugiau žemų girdisi šioks Toks traškėjimas, bet "realybėje" Kaip už tokią kainą Tai prekė tikrai nėra bloga

  68. M***R

    Received very fast, sounds pretty good. _

  69. D***v

    Bass No. columns more less

  70. I***G

    I took a replacement for "Sven ps-70bk". At "Ewa W300" with smaller sizes, the sound is better. Liked the thick bass and loud sound. By the way, delivered to the apartment in 2 days!

  71. M***e

    The speaker came very fast, 7 days as specified in the transport option, it looks like on the site.
    The sound is not of good quality as other buyers have written, the low frequencies, ie the bass, over a percentage of 50% of the volume distort. The rear screen is slightly bent. With a little extra money ($ 5-6) you can buy something better! I will give it 4 * with indulgence for appearance not for sound quality!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  72. K***s

    Faina kolonelė, neblogai groja gal norėtūsi daugiau garso, bet man užtenka, darbe atlaikė 8 Valandas IR Dar nenumirė.

  73. P***k

    Fast delivery. The sound is powerful, but when playing music via bluethoot and SD card, the music is not clear but noisy. As the volume is added, the noise from the speaker also increases. I haven't heard noise from other speakers I own. Louder music masks the noise. Overall, I'm happy for the price.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  74. R***n

    Excellent sounds cool column

  75. A***l

    Very good quality of product. Sound is OK

  76. S***o

    Great sound with good bass. Attention the instructions are in Chinese! Long press on to start it, the color then changes from red to standby, to blue

  77. A***z

    I got here but it doesn't work, the seller will send Me another one, but I have the doubt if it will work, seen it would have preferred the refund and bought me another

  78. S***k

    All OK thanks very quickly came

  79. B***u

    Exactly what I ordered. Arrived quickly and on schedule. Charging cord is too short, though. Speaker produces good music with great bass.
    no remarkno remark

  80. P***r

    Wszytko ok. Produkt zgodny z opisem bardzo dobrze wykonany. Głośnik gra naprawdę głośno i dobrze. Słychać w tle delikatny szum ale podobno z głośnikami bluetooth tak już jest. Polecam.

  81. M***a

    good seller, recommended

  82. J***z

    You listen very well for the price you have. If you go to any store and buy one for this price. Sound quality would not resemble anything! I recommend it came to Me in 2 days.

  83. E***r

    Small but "thug." Good materials and finishes. For what it costs, it has a sound and quality above its price. It arrived perfect and very fast.

  84. D***h

    Good quality sound and loud speakers. The only problem is that they don’t work when connected to a laptop…

  85. I***K

    The goods came quickly, but the processing of the order took about a week, the description corresponds. Unfortunately there is no FM, it was my fault that I did not look at the characteristics. And for some reason, the Bluetooth on my phone (honor 9A) does not find this column and my wife found, the sound class!

  86. J***s

    Purchased on February 23, received on 26. Powerful sound with good bass. The battery lasts a lot. With the sound to the fullest it distorts a little. Highly recommended.

  87. F***r

    Very good product, good value for money frankly.

  88. E***s

    Shipping was very fast and by a reliable company
    no remark

  89. Y***z

    Very fast delivery, recommended high voice battery lasts many hours. It's the second unit I buy.

  90. S***s

    Powerful, good quality

  91. M***z

    Very good . Perfect .

  92. N***n

    great sound quality

  93. K***R


  94. M***K

    Thank sellers for providing the parcel 12dni, damage outer packing have no matter, Speaker very well protected, housing is not plastic, not light, all firmly and carefully spasowane, sound pure, connects quickly, not sądziłem that for these money can enjoy słuchaniem music, There is no point to spend more money on speaker more famous company just because it has more famous badge.
    no remarkno remark

  95. S***S

    Fast delivery, meet deadlines. Quality product. Second unit I buy. Seller recommended

  96. N***n


  97. F***n

    Received broken down, no load or sound, nothing! But the worst thing is that the return I pay and although it was sent to me from Aliexpress Spain, for return they give me a China address tag and cost me shipping 25.00 EUR osea I eat it with potatoes! A shit!

  98. P***a


  99. L***o

    I just received it, I 've tried it already and it works well at the moment, much more than I expected for that price, thank you seller.

  100. A***s

    Little buttons are a bit awkward, for the rest well device
    no remark

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